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Pellet heating, wood chips and more - Conveyor systems for biomass

Your partner for customised conveyor systems, Steiner GmbH & Co. KG in Kirchdorf am Inn can meet your specific requirements for transporting biomass. You can achieve efficiency through a conveyor system designed with modular construction and exact dimensioning to your transport volume, route and material properties. For biomass, gentle transport of large volumes of material is often needed.


Depending on the specific requirement profile, either a rigid  or flexible  spiral conveyor of either steel or plastic may be used. In any case, a shaftless spiral conveyor offers many advantages.

Steiner Spiralförderanlagen as your partner for individual solutions

Steiner Spiralförderanlagen stands for conveyor systems that are matched to the specific needs of your enterprise or home. These needs can vary enormously in the area of biomass. The range of materials alone in the area of heating technology can go from standardised pellets to relatively homogenous wood chips and shavings to recycling wood waste in heterogenous compounds with a large number of metal components that need to be separated. This situation additionally increases the importance of an individually designed system. Such a system will increase energy efficiency and minimise maintenance and down-time.

Steiner Spiralen is your reliable partner in planning and implementing biomass systems and including the challenges of penetrations in walls and ceilings.

Fuel from wood is ecological and economical. Ensure that your entire system is low-maintenance by optimally coordinating your conveyor system to your heating system, no matter whether it’s with pellets or wood chips.

Steiner Spiralen will make sure that systems are completely compatible with existing equipment and also design solutions for your silos, bunkers, containers and all other types of components. Let us know what your special requirements are - We look forward to your enquiry!