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Flexible spirals

Flexible spiral conveyors require particularly little servicing and are therefore preferred by industry when using long life conveyor systems. Steiner Spiralen equips industry with its flexible spiral conveyor systems. Whether it’s wood chips, saw shavings, sanding dust or wood waste that need to be transported for the wood industry or sensitive materials like coffee, sugar and baking goods that need to be conveyed through production in the food industry, the conveyor systems from Steiner Spiralen perform convincingly.  Even the plastics industry depends on conveying PVC pellets, PVC powder and plastic granulates with the flexible spiral conveyors from Kirchdorf am Inn.

Our conveyor systems with flexible spirals are available with a delivery rate of 0.09

m³/hr to 8 m³/hr.

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(hand)sketch of the course of the conveyor system:

The flexible spirals for conveyor systems from Steiner Spiralen are characterised by their low servicing. The smooth movement of the spirals and the lack of any corners, gear teeth or chains makes the system almost maintenance free. One factor that is of great importance to industrial enterprises. To keep production downtime to a minimum, the use of our flexible spiral conveyors is definitely recommended for certain bulk materials. Steiner Spiralen have been standing for top quality for 30 years. The flexible spirals are manufactured with specially hardened steel and feature high tensile strength and spring force. Beside having a long service life, the structure allows diverse materials to be transported with curves and inclines, horizontally and vertically.

Advantages of flexible spiral conveyors:

  • Dust-free transport in curves and inclines
  • Low noise
  • Low energy consumption
  • Reliable and long lasting
  • Customisable design of conveyor system

Conveyor tubes and pipe bends for our conveyor systems:

When manufacturing the tubes and bends for the spiral conveyors, Steiner uses special PVC that is significantly more wear-resistant and long lasting than common PVC. In addition, this special material creates a particularly smooth inner surface that has a positive effect on the conveying properties of our systems. For transporting abrasive or aggressive material, Steiner Spiralen uses metal tubing and metal bends of hardened steel. The flexible spiral conveyors can also be made of stainless steel, PA, PE or other

materials as ordered by customers.

Drive unit - energy efficient conveyor systems from Steiner

The drive unit can be optionally equipped with a gear or frequency controlled motor. Motors are selected depending on the spiral type and medium and the conveyor delivery rate per hour required. The result is maximum delivery rate at minimum energy consumption. Steiner Spiralen has been using a drive concept for years that makes the most energy efficient conveyor systems possible.

Receiving station & drain outlets:

Receiving hoppers for the conveyor systems are available in a variety of versions to match the transport material and storage container. Drain outlets can be fitted in any number on the conveying tube. Mechanical or automatic gate valves make controlled release of the transport medium from the conveyor system possible.

Technical data on flexible spirals from Steiner Spiralen

Technical data:

Flexible spirals

    Model Model Model Model Model
    SF10 SF20 SF30 SF60 SF70
Bend radius mm 1.500 1.500 1.500 1.500 1.500
max. capacity m³/h 0,5 2 5 10 12
PVC   x x x x x
Metal   x x x x x
Stainless steel       x    
Motor power* kW 0,75 - 1,5 0,75 - 1,5 0,75 - 2,2 0,75 - 2,2 0,75 - 2,2
max. conveying size mm 5 6 8 12 - 25 25 - 50

* Depend on the delivery rate


Conveying spirals SF stainless steel

Diameter (Outer) Diameter (Inner) Pitch Thickness
39 23 32 4
52 28 38 4
61 37 42 4
68 44 50 4
95 71 63 4

All dimensions in mm


Conveying spirals SF spring steel

Diameter (Outer) Diameter (Inner) Pitch Thickness m/bund
39 23 32 3,5 120
52 28 38 4 120
61 37 42 4,2 60
68 44 50 4,2 60
90 61 67 4,2 30
95 65 66 4,2 30

All dimensions in mm