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Screw conveyors as optimum solutions for bulk material and others

Steiner GmbH in Kirchdorf am Inn has the optimal conveyor technology for every kind of material. If abrasive or aggressive material needs to be transported, plastic screw conveyors are often the best choice.

Called Archimedes' screw, the basic principle of the screw conveyor has been in use since ancient times. This simple, basic mechanical principle makes the screw conveyor low maintenance and very frequently used for transporting bulk material, granulates or powdered materials. With plastic screw conveyor, material can be transported horizontally, vertically or on a slope.

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element length



50 mm

20 mm

13 mm

48 mm

40 mm

4 mm

60 mm

20 mm

13 mm

48 mm

40 mm

4 mm

95 mm

30 mm

17 mm

61 mm

51 mm

4 mm

154 mm

40 mm

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100 mm

82,5 mm

7 mm

200 mm

52 mm

32 mm

192 mm

160 mm

10 mm

Do you value precision? So we do!
To create your personal offer, as much detailed as possible, it is alwaysa good idea to send us a sketch in which you describe shortly the use. Of course, not a must, but it's more accurately with a sketch.

(hand)sketch of the course of the conveyor system:

Advantages of the screw conveyor

The advantage of a screw conveyor at first glance seems to be the high delivery rate for bulk material and its resistance to aggressive material properties. However, there are still many other advantages of the method of conveyance:

  • Low weight
  • Energy saving drive
  • Short repair times with module technology
  • Dry running ability
  • Long life through standard setting wear resistance
  • Easy implementation of product and procedure change through module technology
     > The value is retained and your return on investment risk is minimized
  • Low friction
  • Simple construction
  • Corrosion and chemical resistant
  • Good damping
  • Low maintenance
  • No environmental pollution
  • Non-hazardous to health
  • Low-cost manufacturing

Conveyor technology perfectly matched to your process

Steiner Spiralen conveyor systems from Kirchdorf in Bavaria are always individually matched to your requirements. We can decide together whether spiral conveyors or screw conveyors would be the most efficient solution for your issues. Even the production materials we use are completely selected according to your process criteria.

The components in the plastic screw conveyors can be custom fabricated from the following plastic mixtures:

  • PA (standard)
  • PE (on request)
  • PP (on request)
  • PEEK (on request)
  • PES (on request)
  • SUL (on request)


You will find a partner for planning your entire system as part of the individual project related planning of your conveyor system at Steiner Spiralen. Steiner will assist you in developing an entire concept for the electric control, delivery and weighing technology, installation and commissioning and will also be there for you for service and maintenance.  You can even turn the whole project over to us to develop an overall concept. This flexibility means that combining existing conveyance parts or machines is not a problem.

Transport difficult material, bulk material, powders and granulates in the most efficient way. Steiner Spiralen can help you. We look forward to hearing from you!