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Conveyor systems for powders & granulates

Transporting powders and granulates is an issue for many enterprises. This fine material requires a well-thought out conveyor system so that transport can continue over a long period of time without problems occurring. Conveyor systems for plastics manufacturers frequently transport granulates and powders for further processing in injection moulding systems. To guarantee smooth work processes in production, it is essential that the manufacturing material can be transported to the processing system without loss and reliably. Many other sectors in industry have the same requirements for their conveyor systems for powders & granulates. In addition to classic industrial enterprises, Steiner Spiralen also assists companies in pharmaceuticals and the food product segment with their conveyor systems. We know how important it is for the manufacturing process to be able to transport production materials quickly and without problems.

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Do you value precision? So we do!
To create your personal offer, as much detailed as possible, it is alwaysa good idea to send us a sketch in which you describe shortly the use. Of course, not a must, but it's more accurately with a sketch.

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Transport powders & granulates with spiral technology

When you need to transport powders and granulates without pressure and/or in a narrow space and overcome large elevation differences, Steiner Spiralen’s rigid and flexible spiral conveyors have proven themselves in practice. They guarantee that ground and mixed materials, powders and granulates can be transported particularly efficiently.

Advantages of spiral conveyors for powders & granulates

  • Spiral conveyors keep materials homogenous
  • Low noise during the transport
  • Filling and emptying possible along the entire transport route
  • Contamination of material prevented by special structure of spiral conveyor
  • Spiral conveyors are best for long transport routes with large differences in elevation

Flexible spiral conveyors can be easily integrated as a retrofit or exchanged

Steiner Spiralen - Individual design for perfect transport

Our system planning is project-specific based; thereby we are able to respond the wishes of our customers. Problems such as limited space, if material should be transported without any pressure, the material may only get experience on a low unmixing etc..For difficult materials, we can also build a test plant (after technical and commercial clarification)!

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