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Small plants (up to 60 kW boiler capacity)

Wood pellets will be transported horizontally and vertically without a screw shaft. The applications range from the feeding of heating systems through to the filling of pellet storage rooms. We usually realize the transportation of pellets with our flexible screw conveyors. This allows conveying in curves. The conveyor system can be optimally fitted to the structural circumstances. The flexible screw conveyor is made of special hardened steel
manufactured and characterized by high tensile strength and spring force.

This makes it possible to convey wood pellets in curves and slopes, horizontally and vertically. Low rotational speeds and the flexible smart movements of the spiral conveyor guarantee a careful, quiet and dust-free transport with low energy. Reliable and customized for each installation location and application. Protected by patent.

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(hand)sketch of the course of the conveyor system:

Do you value precision? So we do!
To create your personal offer, as much detailed as possible, it is alwaysa good idea to send us a sketch in which you describe shortly the use. Of course, not a must, but it's more accurately with a sketch.

(hand)sketch of the course of the conveyor system:


  • Low-noise motor, drive for the spiral
  • Run-out piece for horizontal and vertical installation
  • Conveyor tubes and sheets of PVC or metal
  • Flexible spiral conveyor made ​​of specially hardened steel with high tensile strength and spring force
  • Our various inlet hopper grant a trouble-free removal of the wood pellets

Easy assembly

The pipes and bends with an external diameter of 90 mm are put together and fixed in the desired position by clamps. The conveyor bends are carried out in a 45 ° / 60 ° angle with an inner radius of 1500 mm. The bends can be adapted by simply cutting off the local conditions.

It should not be more than one 90 ° bend or two 60 ° bends or three 45 ° bends installed in a conveyor system. The support of the conveyor is ideally carried out at a distance of about 2 m. The construction of the conveyor system can be done with the installation instructions in self-assembly.



  • Well-proven and thereby proven system
  • To run with or without a slanted floor
  • For mounting on the floor
  • Pellet receiving at the side of the receiving hopper
  • High flexibility due to variable arrangement
  • For storage rooms up to 25 m length
  • Up to 18 receiving hopper per line


  • Complete emptying of the pellet-storage by an optimized form
  • Runs with slanted floor
  • Available in lengths from 0.48 to 1.44 meters
  • Maximum expanding length: 14 meters


  • Silo connection with a diameter of 250 mm and a cone grip
  • Simple mounting on the bag silo by means of clamp
  • Emptying several silos in series with only one spiral conveyor
  • Installation height under bag silo minimum 210 mm


Both bag silo hoppers, as well as single receiving hopper, can be combined with extraction systems. The standard ports for suction hoses have a diameter of 50 mm.

For writing a quotation we need to know the boiler manufacturer!