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Spiral conveyors use the same principle as screw conveyors when transporting bulk material. Gravity combined with the friction of the bulk material on the tray wall prevents the transport material from turning in the spiral conveyor. In that way the material to be conveyed is transported further through the spiral conveyor in the direction of the target point. The shaftless construction of the spiral conveyor is suitable for bent or very curved transport paths. The flexible structure of spirals is well suited for transporting in a complicated building situation, for filling silos or containers, for loading and unloading trucks and tank transporters and stoking machines. Spiral conveyors are characterised by their flexibility compared to screw conveyors with shafts.

Flexible spiral conveyors & rigid spiral conveyors

Steiner Spiralen has the whole range of spiral conveyors. Both flexible spirals without axles as well as rigid shaftless spiral conveyors in many different versions can be ordered for your conveyor system from the innovative Bavarian company. Here in Kirchdorf am Inn, we pay special attention to custom solutions: In-stock elements from the warehouse can provide the perfect transport solution, as can a completely individualised design using CAD planning and conveyance tests. There’s no such thing as it doesn’t exist. Let our experts advise you in detail when deciding what type of spiral conveyor is the best choice for your requirements and circumstances. We will take important parameters such as

  • planned volume to be transported
  • properties of the material to be transported
  • transport path (length of process)
  • slopes

into consideration so that an effective conveyor system is made. All of these factors are decisive in the selection of a flexible or rigid spiral conveyor for your requirements.

Modular system at fair prices

Steiner Spiralen has ready-made conveyor systems for transporting biomass  such as pellets and wood shavings which only need to be modified to fit the conditions. For conveyor systems for transporting recycling material , powders and granulates or food products, the modular structure of our system makes the pricing very fair. Every one of these conveyor systems for special material is individually designed, manufactured and commissioned by our team and guarantees an efficient conveyor system.

Low maintenance and long service life - Products from Steiner Spiralen

Above all, Steiner Spiralen customers appreciate the low maintenance requirements of our spiral conveyors. Servicing and maintenance are a high cost factor particularly in the production environment. Systems that are down cannot generate revenue. In Europe, where supplementary wage costs are so high, downtime has to be reduced to an absolute minimum. This concerns production systems as well as the conveyor systems which transport the work materials. The low maintenance and long service life of Steiner Spiralen spiral conveyors completely meets this important condition. Work materials of the best properties for manufacturing the Steiner spirals combined with our know-how in their proper processing guarantees “Made in Germany” quality in the best sense of the term.