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Transport pellets with solutions from Steiner Spiralen

Pellet heating is a perfect heating solution based on renewable energy for both homeowners and enterprises. Wood as the basis raw material for pellets is CO2-neutral and thus a fuel that can be truly sustainably employed. That’s good for the environment and coming generations. Federal and local subsidised loans and supplements have also helped drive pellet heating. Heating with pellets has been viewed as a good solution for sustainable energy in the home for many years.

Transporting pellets - from warehouse to furnace

The following questions about wood pellets as a fuel always come up in spite of the euphoria: How should the pellets be stored? How should the pellets be transported? A classic, standard pellet conveyor system  such as Steiner Spiralen has manufactured and sold for many years is often sufficient. However, sometimes individual solutions that handle long transport distances or large differences in elevation are needed. Whether you need vertical or horizontal transport of pellets - Steiner Spiralen has the solution! Regardless of the volume of pellets to be transported and the transport distance to be covered: Steiner Spiralen is sure to have the right conveyor system. Our solutions for transporting pellets are available to both resellers, such as installers, plumbers and heating contractors, and private customers.

Steiner - A reliable partner for designing your pellet project

Steiner Spiralen has been assisting customers and partners alike with standard solutions as well as individualised concepts and projects. Especially for medium and large heaters, customer-specific project planning is recommended to achieve low maintenance and downtime with high energy efficiency in a system.

Steiner Spiralen can design your pellet conveyor system based on layout plans or sketches. This includes anything from a single transport line directly to the boiler all the way to complicated systems with 4 to 6 bunker lines and cross conveyor spirals of up to 60 m throughout the entire building. Elevation differences of up to 20 m from the storage room and boiler room are possible for the experts at Steiner Spiralen. Storerooms with 8 m volume height are not a problem. Because of this broad range of possibilities, we have alternatives for round extractors and slanted floors. The systems can also be combined with vacuuming.

The planning department at Steiner Spiralen designs 3-D models that include the existing building infrastructure. We then send you a free and binding offer based on our free planning and design.

The Steiner Spiralen team can advise you on all individual challenges, including the need for possibly creating openings in walls or ceilings, using underground garage areas and much more. The experts in Kirchdorf am Inn have decades of experience in designing customer specific solutions.

Conveyor systems from Steiner - The right solution for every project

When searching for the optimal solution for transporting your fuel, a distinction must be made between large and small systems whereby a large system is above 60 KW boiler capacity. Small systems have a capacity of up to 60 KW.

When installing large systems, a combination with three types of pellet receiving hoppers is possible:

  • Separate receiving hoppers
  • V hoppers
  • Receiving hoppers for bag silos


When installing small systems, three models of pellet receiving hoppers are possible:

  • Separate receiving hoppers
  • U trays
  • Receiving hoppers for bag silos

Advantages of Steiner Spiralen pellet conveyor systems

Three decades of experience in conveyor technology means users get well-engineered conveyor systems, “Made in Germany” at fair prices with Steiner pellet conveyor systems. The Steiner Spiralen pellet conveyors stand out especially on these points:

  • Very quiet transport for pellets because of low rotational speed and low-noise motor (especially for noise sensitive situations like retirement homes, clinics, etc.)
  • Low maintenance through sturdy construction
  • Energy efficient
  • Low dust development
  • Protected transport of wood pellets
  • Combination possibilities: Combining bunker, boiler control and cross conveyor spirals makes it possible to feed a boiler from multiple storage rooms or to feed multiple boilers from one bunker with even discharging.
  • Using existing oil tanks (oil heating) - Steiner can take over the entire planning
  • Flexible spirals of hardened steel make it possible to also transport material around curves, at inclines and horizontally or vertically

Advising & Service is a lived value at Steiner Spiralen

From advising on the suitable conveyor system for your pellet heating and planning and implementing it all the way to years of service for wear parts: The Steiner Spiralen team is at your side. For this Bavarian traditional company, an order doesn’t simply end once the conveyor system has been delivered. Our wear parts service  ensures that you are still in good hands with lots of experience even many years after purchasing a conveyor system. Our reliability and service orientation has made Steiner Spiralen one of the leaders in conveyor technology for 30 years.

Do you need to transport pellets? Are you looking for the right conveyor system for your pellet heating? Contact us - we will be happy to help you!